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At the American Institute for Cancer Research, we fund and analyze the science that investigates the links between lifestyle and cancer.

For over three decades, we have dedicated ourselves to understanding how our weight, activity, and diet plays a role in cancer risk. This knowledge has revolutionized the understanding of cancer prevention. It is now transforming the medical and scientific community’s approach to cancer treatment and survival.

  • We have shown that foods, activity, and weight influence the cancer process.
  • We have identified over 60 specific foods and other lifestyle factors that modify the risk of cancer.
  • We systematically collect and analyze this evidence in our Continuous Update Project.
  • We turn the evidence into clear, authoritative recommendations for lowering cancer risk.

When it comes to cancer, there are no guarantees. The disease strikes young and old, healthy and unhealthy, those who are genetically predisposed and those who are not.

But the research now clearly shows, we can make cancer less likely to happen.

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